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Broken Internet of Things is an online marketplace designed to help bring two groups of people together: what we call service seekers and service providers. Put simply, a seeker is someone who needs to have a job done, and a provider is a trusted professional who can get the job done.

 With BrokenIoT, seekers can use our dedicated search engine to look for local providers who can assist them with all kinds of tasks big and small –– from hiring plumbers who can fix a leaky pipe to personal tutors who can help you study for the SAT, we’ve got it all. Most importantly, using BrokenIoT comes at absolutely no cost to you, the seeker!

 As for providers, BrokenIoT offers a seamless and cost-efficient means by which you can be connected to paying customers in need of your services in your community. Unlike our competitors, BrokenIoT charges no commission on the jobs it creates.

 Our only purpose is to bring seekers and providers together. How much a seeker pays you for a specific job remains exclusively between you and the seeker . . . which means you get to keep more of your hard-earned cash! Moreover, being listed as an available provider in our database only costs you $19.00 a month if you opt for our monthly subscription plan, or $1.00 per match with a seeker if you choose our “pay-as-you-go” plan. Sign up now!

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